January 2019

  • 2019 / 01 / 24

    Like a Tornado of Snow

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    The list of observations this week reads more like a weather report: sea smoke, ice floes, gusts, snow squalls, howling winds. The only sighting comes from Baie-Comeau, where a blue whale was observed...

  • Baleine noire © André Desrochers 2019 / 01 / 23

    Which whale species has the largest testicles?

    Par Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Questions from the public

    North Atlantic right whales have the largest testicles in the animal kingdom. They can exceed 900 kg, which corresponds to about 2% of the animal’s total weight. Harbour porpoises have nothing to be...

  • Une baleine noire est accompagnée de son veau. 2019 / 01 / 23

    Six Newborn Right Whales: A Glimmer of Hope

    Par Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Issues

    Update of 12 February 2019: A fifth and a sixth calf has been confirmed. Since North Atlantic right whales have left the frigid waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to return to their wintering grounds,...

  • Le phoque à capuchon a un museau flasque et est fortement tacheté//Hooded seals have an inflatable snout and have black mottling all over their bodies. © Alamy/Wildlife GmbH 2019 / 01 / 21

    Winter and Seasonal Seals

    Par Anthony François / Marine Mammal Emergencies

    While harbour seals frequent the waters of the St. Lawrence throughout the year, certain periods are more favourable for observing northern seals that overwinter in the St. Lawrence. But what should w...

  • Rorqual bleu, 19 mai 2018 © René Roy 2019 / 01 / 17

    A Rare Blue Whale

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    January 12: After weeks of seeing nothing but drifting ice and seals on the move, a large spout draws the observer’s attention. The bluish-grey back, the protuberance around the blowhole and the...

  • Un rorqual commun et son veau nagent ensemble. 2019 / 01 / 17

    How do calves manage to follow their mothers?

    Par Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Questions from the public

    After birth, a calf remains with its mother at a minimum for the duration of nursing, which varies from a few months to a few years, depending on the species. Since calves only drink breast milk early...

  • 2019 / 01 / 16

    MSc and PHD Scholarship Opportunity for Projects About Belugas

    Par GREMM / On the calendar

    Two Master projects and a PhD project about belugas are recruiting! Master project – UQAR Master project – UQAM PhD project – UQO Master project: Temporal Trend of Emerging Environme...

  • Le chercheur Carlos Mauricio Peredo se tient près d'une partie du fossile étudié. 2019 / 01 / 16

    An Ancient Whale with Neither Teeth Nor Baleen

    Par Aurélie Lagueux-Beloin / Issues

    Museum collections are full of fossils that haven’t been carefully examined in years. However, by taking a closer look at a 33-million-year-old whale fossil from the Smithsonian’s National Museum ...

  • 2019 / 01 / 10

    A New Year of Observations Begins

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    As 2018 was winding down, one observer in Bonaventure in the Gaspé Peninsula observes three tall puffs, all appearing at the same time. There are therefore three whales in Chaleur Bay. He describes t...