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EG Baleine noire empetree

2020 North Atlantic Right Whale Monitoring

The endangered North Atlantic right whale is subject to special surveillance and protection measures. Since 2017, the species has been…

|Hot Topics 14/5/2020

A busy season for 1-877-7BALEINE, and it’s not over yet!

The summer 2019 season has drawn to a close. It’s time for the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network (QMMERN)…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 21/11/2019

Entangled Minke Whale in Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park

A minke whale ensnared in fishing rope was reported to the  Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network (QMMERN) by passengers of…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 21/6/2019

Right whales : fishing closures and new technologies for crabbing industry

On May 13, the first North Atlantic right whales of the season were observed via aerial survey in the Gulf of…

|News 23/5/2019

Right whales : similar measures for 2019

The North Atlantic right whale protection measures for 2019 have been announced, and will include measures better suited to the…

|News 7/2/2019

Six newborn right whales : a glimmer of hope

Update of 12 February 2019: A fifth and a sixth calf has been confirmed. Since North Atlantic right whales have…

|News 18/1/2019

Adapting to Disability

GREMM research assistants photograph a group of belugas. Upon closer inspection, they make a surprising discovery: one of the animals…

|News 16/8/2018

Right Whale Mortalities 2017: Overview

In 2017, 18 right whale carcasses have been found in the North Atlantic near the Canadian and US coasts. For…

|News 12/1/2018

Whales in the nets

As evidenced by the news in the past few weeks, when whales get entangled in fishing gear, there can be…

|News 28/7/2017