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Right Whales in the Estuary: Exceptional Response for an Exceptional Presence

Among its many missions, the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network (QMMERN) manages cases of marine mammals known as “vagrants”,…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 15/10/2020

They’re still here!

As Quebec slowly gets deeper into autumn, foliage reaches its peak and the wind gusts and rain grow more intense,…

|Observation of the Week 9/10/2020

Black: Colour of Hope

This past week in the St. Lawrence Estuary, it was a funny-looking rounded black back with a V-shaped breath that…

|Observation of the Week 1/10/2020
rorqual bleu

Why is the blue whale so big?

It is bigger than the largest dinosaur. And it weighs roughly 25 times more than the largest living land animal,…

|Whale Q&A 16/9/2020
DL dents

What do St. Lawrence belugas eat?

It may seem surprising, but up until a few months ago, the diet of the St. Lawrence beluga was not…

|News, Whale Q&A 1/9/2020

Stray Whales: Lost or Just Exploring?

Every so often, a solitary whale makes headlines. It might be a beluga seen off the coast San Diego, California,…

|News 18/8/2020

Are whales diurnal or nocturnal?

Within the animal kingdom, most species adjust their periods of sleep and activity according to a repeated 24-hour cycle called…

|Whale Q&A 22/7/2020

400 Right Whales Left… Now What?

How many North Atlantic right whales are left in the world? If the answer today hovers around 400, for researchers,…

|News 6/7/2020

First Right Whale Carcass: Another Calf Struck by a Ship

The first North Atlantic right whale carcass in 2020 was spotted during an aerial survey on June 25, drifting off…

|News 6/7/2020

Skeletons Moved to Tadoussac’s Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre

Friday, May 15, 9:30 a.m. Fully dressed and knapsack ready to go, I can hardly wait to kick off this special…

|Field Notes 28/6/2020
Souffle EG Baleine noire

Right Whale Protection Measures: Highs and Lows

Since the start of the year, news concerning protection measures specific to North Atlantic right whales has been like a…

|News 25/6/2020

My dream is to swim with dolphins or whales. What would be the impact of such an activity?

In many places around the globe, ecotourism organizations offer the opportunity to swim with marine mammals. Whether we’re talking about…

|Whale Q&A 3/6/2020

North Atlantic Right Whales Disturbingly Unfit

It is widely known that the North Atlantic right whale population is struggling, but a study has recently underscored just…

|News 19/5/2020
EG Baleine noire empetree

2020 North Atlantic Right Whale Monitoring

The endangered North Atlantic right whale is subject to special surveillance and protection measures. Its preservation is an issue of…

|Hot Topics 14/5/2020

Up-close Footage of Nursing Humpback

This video went viral on social networks around the globe. And for good reason. How awesome to view the world…

|News 13/5/2020

Arrival of Right Whales Triggers Protective Measures

After wintering in the coastal waters of Florida and Georgia, right whales are back in the Gulf of St. Lawrence!…

|News 7/5/2020

Are there actually several species of killer whales?

Certainly you know that there are several species of whales and many species of dolphins. But did you know that…

|Whale Q&A 6/5/2020

“Navigating Whale Habitat”: Free Training for Boaters and Kayakers

Are you an avid kayaker, sailboater or motorboat enthusiast, and do you frequent the St. Lawrence or the Saguenay? The…

|News 1/5/2020

Future sanctuary for captive Belugas in Nova Scotia

Creating a “retirement home” in the open sea that is capable of providing the best possible living conditions for whales…

|News 30/4/2020

Are whales affected by COVID-19?

This question comes to us via our Whales Online Facebook page: Could the current COVID-19 pandemic affecting humans around the globe…

|Whale Q&A 14/4/2020

Humpback Whale Attacked by Great White Sharks

Researchers witnessed a rare event in Mossel Bay, at the southern tip of the African continent: two great white sharks…

|News 1/4/2020
Un plongeur nage près d'une épave couverte d'algues

Is sinking a ship to create a reef dangerous for whales?

This question comes from residents of Godbout, a small village in Quebec’s Côte-Nord region. In this municipality, starting point of…

|Whale Q&A 27/3/2020
Rorqual bleu s'alimentant

How do we know how big a blue whale gulp is?

For researchers, studying the giants of the seas is no easy task! For example, how do they quantify how much…

|Whale Q&A 24/3/2020

Record Migration of Killer Whale Confirmed with Photo-ID

In early February, an adult male killer whale was spotted off the coast of Lebanon, near Beirut. A rare occurrence…

|News 11/3/2020