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Round-up of 2023 North Atlantic Right Whale News

After being hunted for centuries, today’s North Atlantic right whales face many challenges, including entanglements with fishing gear, ship strikes…

|Hot Topics 13/4/2023

All the news on North Atlantic right whales in 2022

The North Atlantic right whale is a particularly vulnerable cetacean species, currently numbering fewer than 350 individuals. The survival of…

|Hot Topics 28/3/2022

GNL Québec’s Énergie Saguenay Project Rejected on Climate Grounds

On July 21, Environment Minister Benoit Charette announced that his government was rejecting GNL Québec's Énergie Saguenay project, a highly…

|Hot Topics 22/7/2021

GNL Québec: BAPE Commissioners Concerned for Beluga

Quebec's environmental assessment agency, the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE), which has been tasked with evaluating the Énergie Saguenay…

|Hot Topics 25/3/2021

What’s happening with North Atlantic right whales in 2021?

With a total population estimated to number fewer than 350 individuals, the North Atlantic right whale is one of the…

|Hot Topics 5/3/2021

North Atlantic Right Whale Protection Measures Maintained

The Government of Canada has just announced what measures will be taken this year to protect North Atlantic right whales…

|Hot Topics 18/2/2021
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

Moratorium Requested in Saguenay to Protect Belugas

More than half of all St. Lawrence belugas and two-thirds of females frequent the Saguenay. This finding was made by…

|Hot Topics 3/9/2020
EG Baleine noire empetree

2020 North Atlantic Right Whale Monitoring

The endangered North Atlantic right whale is subject to special surveillance and protection measures. Since 2017, the species has been…

|Hot Topics 14/5/2020

North Atlantic Right Whales: New and Continuing Measures in 2020

Speed limits reduced to 10 knots in certain areas, closure of fishing zones, increased surveillance: the Government of Canada has…

|Hot Topics 28/2/2020
La carcasse de la baleine noire Wolverine flotte à la surface, le ventre exposé

Right Whales: What is happening in 2019

The North Atlantic right whale is endangered, with an estimated population of only about 400 individuals. The main threats faced…

|Hot Topics 3/7/2019

Industrial port developments on the Saguenay: a beluga’s perspective

Four industrial port development projects on the banks of the Saguenay River are in their final stages or have completed…

|Hot Topics 24/5/2019