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News Summary
2018 / 05 / 16

First Right Whale Observed in Canadian Waters

By Marie-Ève Muller / Discoveries / Headline

Off the coast of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the first right whale of the season was observed during aerial surveillance conducted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. At the present time, it is not found in...

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News from Afield

  • 2018 / 05 / 22 © GREMM

    “Suspect” Identified

    By Marie-Sophie Giroux / Observation of the week

    Is it possible to identify an all-white beluga? Certainly, especially when it shows a major spinal deformity like Pascolio! This female was recognized twice this past week near Batture aux Alouettes i...

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  • 2018 / 05 / 11

    Recognizing Whales by their Backs

    By Marie-Sophie Giroux / Observation of the week

    May 6: no sooner had the sun risen when one observer spotted two belugas in the morning light off La Malbaie. Her observations continued throughout the day and into the evening. The next day she saw a...

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News from Near and Afar

  • 2018 / 05 / 16

    Beluga, what are you doing under the water?

    By Béatrice Riché / Beluga / Discoveries

    The lives of diving animals take place for the most part under water, out of human sight. Can we, by observing the behaviour of a group of belugas at the water surface, guess what is happening below t...

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  • 2018 / 04 / 26

    Never Before Seen Footage of Fin Whale Feeding Behaviour

    By François Vachon / Discoveries

    The scientific team from EDMAKTUB filmed unprecedented images of fin whales surface feeding off the coast of Garraf, Spain. Captured using a drone, the video will allow marine biologists around the wo...

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Whale Q&A

  • 2018 / 05 / 15

    Would it be possible to fit more whales with location transmitters in order to prevent collisions?

    By Marie-Ève Muller / Questions from the public

    If ships knew exactly where the whales were, could we reduce the number of collisions? A number of you have asked us this question. In light of the current state of technology, we would have to say th...

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  • 2018 / 03 / 30 Un jeune rorqual s'est échoué vivant à L'Étang-du-Nord aux Iles-de-la-Madeleine. © S. Richard, Pêches et Océans Canada

    How can a live stranded whale die of asphyxiation?

    By François Vachon / Questions from the public

    Ocean water exerts pressure that allows cetaceans to support their mass. Animals such as fin whales and humpback whales can weigh 40-50 tonnes and 25-35 tonnes, respectively. The blue whale – which ...

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