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News Summary
2019 / 12 / 09

World Marine Mammal Conference in Barcelona: Spotlight on the St. Lawrence!

By Marie-Ève Muller / Headline

Some 2,500 biologists, veterinarians, conservationists and wildlife managers from 95 countries are gearing up to gather in Barcelona for the World Marine Mammal Conference from December 9 to 12. Organ...

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News from Afield

  • 2019 / 12 / 09

    In Search of the Sperm Whale

    By Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    November 27: In GREMM’s (Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals) offices in Tadoussac, staff members are busy working on their respective projects. Around 2:30 in the afternoon, the phon...

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  • 2019 / 11 / 28

    Dozens of Humpbacks and Thousands Of Seals Linger On

    By Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    With the short days of November and the appearance of the first ice, observers on the water are growing more scarce. Nevertheless, enthusiasts are braving the cold to see if any whales are still prese...

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News from Near and Afar

  • 2019 / 11 / 28 Une baleine noire est accompagnée de son veau.

    Whispering and avoiding predators!

    By Camille Proust / Discoveries

    A number of studies show that in different species of baleen whales, mothers and their offspring communicate in a very special way: they whisper… Compared to when she communicates with other adu...

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  • 2019 / 10 / 29

    Are the blue whales in the St. Lawrence getting enough to eat?

    By Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Discoveries

    In summer, the St. Lawrence is a feeding ground for a number of blue whales of the northwest Atlantic population. They feed exclusively on krill, consuming up to an estimated four tonnes a day of thes...

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Whale Q&A

  • 2019 / 11 / 21

    What good are whales?

    By Collaboration spéciale / Questions from the public

    By Anne-Marie Asselin The impact of the global decline of cetaceans is not fully understood, as it has never been quantified. But the recoveries observed in several populations now enables us to bette...

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  • 2019 / 11 / 18

    Why do some belugas have turned-up pectoral fins?

    By Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Beluga / Questions from the public

    This question is from Marie-Hélène D’Arcy, beluga photo-ID technician at the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM). In an aerial photo taken by a research drone, a beluga with...

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