Here one day, gone the next!

Season after season, tide after tide, the St. Lawrence River is like a beating heart. Marine currents, prey availability, and other sometimes mysterious parameters are all contributing factors to the movements of marine mammals. Upstream, downstream, toward the Estuary or out to sea. One might think that their movements are linear, in other words that whales enter the Gulf through the Cabot Strait, come to feed off the Gaspé Peninsula and Sept-Îles and then slowly make their way toward the…

| 29/7/2021

Field Notes

A Beautiful Story of Collaboration, from the Caribbean to the St. Lawrence

Many of the humpback whales observed in summer in the St. Lawrence spend part of the winter in their breeding…

|Field Notes 28/7/2021

Migration in Full Swing

Migration is truly underway in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and is in full swing at the tip of the…

|Field Notes 23/6/2021

Field Season Debut and the Return of Two Stars: Tic Tac Toe and Ti-Croche!

Back on the water for the 2021 season. It should be a great summer offshore, between Tadoussac and Les Escoumins.…

|Field Notes 14/6/2021

Hot Topics

GNL Québec’s Énergie Saguenay Project Rejected on Climate Grounds

On July 21, Environment Minister Benoit Charette announced that his government was rejecting GNL Québec's Énergie Saguenay project, a highly…

|Hot Topics 22/7/2021

GNL Québec: BAPE Commissioners Concerned for Beluga

Quebec's environmental assessment agency, the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE), which has been tasked with evaluating the Énergie Saguenay…

|Hot Topics 25/3/2021

What’s happening with North Atlantic right whales in 2021?

With a total population estimated to number fewer than 360 individuals, the North Atlantic right whale is one of the…

|Hot Topics 5/3/2021

Marine Mammal Emergencies

Beached Fin Whale in Forillon National Park

On June 19, an employee of Forillon National Park discovers a fin whale carcass at the bottom of a cliff…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 13/7/2021
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

Belugas, Belugas Everywhere: Overview of Out-of-Range Belugas this Spring

From Matane and Bonaventure, Quebec to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, belugas seem to be everywhere this…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 29/6/2021

Busy Start to the Season at Marine Mammal Emergencies

As is the case every year, the arrival of warm, sunny days is synonymous with an uptick in the number…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 9/6/2021


Regional Assessment of St. Lawrence for Better Informed Choices in the Future

In the context of environmental assessments of development projects in the St. Lawrence, the issue of cumulative effects is often…

|News 28/7/2021

First-ever Detailed Portrait of Whale Incidents in Eastern Canada

For the first time ever, data on whale incidents in eastern Canada has been compiled in a single report. Produced…

|News 15/7/2021

Documentary “The Loneliest Whale”: The Importance of Epic Stories to Raise Public Awareness

In the documentary The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52, a group of scientists sets out to find a whale…

|News 14/7/2021

Observation of the Week

Here one day, gone the next!

Season after season, tide after tide, the St. Lawrence River is like a beating heart. Marine currents, prey availability, and…

|Observation of the Week 29/7/2021

Keeping one’s distance to keep them safe

Whether you’re on the shores of the St. Lawrence or sailing in its waters, there’s always a chance for a…

|Observation of the Week 22/7/2021

Ode to the next generation, the deformed and seafaring nomads

The sun is setting over the beach in Les Bergeronnes and the sky is a palette of pinkish hues. With…

|Observation of the Week 15/7/2021

Whale Q&A

What do we mean by “fidelity” when we talk about whales?

It is sometimes said that Tic Tac Toe, Capitaine Crochet or Ti-Croche are “faithful” whales, but what does this really…

|Whale Q&A 15/7/2021
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

How does a whale carcass differ from an animal at rest?

Upon seeing a whale floating oddly on the water surface, do you decide to immediately jump overboard and save it…

|Whale Q&A 12/7/2021

Where do Minke Whales Go in Winter?

In the fall, nearly all baleen whales in the St. Lawrence head for warmer waters in the South, where they…

|Whale Q&A 8/7/2021