Foraging Minke Whales

When passing close to shore, minke whales can swim lazily or slice through the water like rockets. These days, observers have the impression that they are moving at full tilt. Perhaps they’re in a hurry to enjoy their last meals? Could be! The countdown to ice formation along the coasts has begun in many areas, and the call to migrate is growing stronger by the day. From the top of the Tadoussac dunes, bird surveyor Jessé Roy-Drainville braved the cold…

| 26/11/2020

Field Notes

With the Belugas… Season Ends with First Snow

Field notes written in collaboration with Laurence Tremblay A field season full of surprises is coming to an end for…

|Field Notes 5/11/2020

With the visitors… at the Marine Mammal Interpretation Center while it is COVID time!

Whether on water or on land, the research activities carried out by the Group for Research and Education on Marine…

|Field Notes 9/9/2020

With the belugas… photographed from shore

Since 8 o’clock in the morning, GREMM (Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals) research assistant Mathieu Marzelière has…

|Field Notes 3/9/2020

Hot Topics

Moratorium Requested in Saguenay to Protect Belugas

More than half of all St. Lawrence belugas and two-thirds of females frequent the Saguenay. This finding was made by…

|Hot Topics 3/9/2020
EG Baleine noire empetree

2020 North Atlantic Right Whale Monitoring

The endangered North Atlantic right whale is subject to special surveillance and protection measures. Its preservation is an issue of…

|Hot Topics 14/5/2020

North Atlantic Right Whales: New and Continuing Measures in 2020

Speed limits reduced to 10 knots in certain areas, closure of fishing zones, increased surveillance: the Government of Canada has…

|Hot Topics 28/2/2020

Marine Mammal Emergencies

Dolphin Runs Aground in Magdalen Islands But Returns to Sea

A dolphin found itself in an awkward position on November 21 near Gros-Cap, in the Magdalen Islands. Out for a…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 26/11/2020

The ice is back… And so are the winter seals!

Whether on shore, on the rocks or on ice, seals can appear throughout the Gulf of St. Lawrence or the…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 5/11/2020

Beluga Carcass in Cacouna

A beluga carcass washed up in Cacouna on October 18, 2020. This young male is the fifteenth beluga to be…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 26/10/2020


Kayakers in the mouth of a humpback: lessons learned

The video of two kayakers getting caught in the mouth of a humpback has been viewed around the world. Off…

|News 12/11/2020

Just 356 North Atlantic right whales left!

Until recently, researchers still spoke of a population of some 400 North Atlantic right whales. But new estimates released last…

|News 5/11/2020

Public Consultation on Marine Noise: Add Your Two Cents!

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is organizing a public consultation on the impact of noise in Canada’s oceans, and you are…

|News 20/10/2020

Observation of the Week

Foraging Minke Whales

When passing close to shore, minke whales can swim lazily or slice through the water like rockets. These days, observers…

|Observation of the Week 26/11/2020

Feasting and Breaching!

Minke and humpback whales are soaring in the air these days, while other members of their species bustle about at…

|Observation of the Week 19/11/2020

Whale concert in Gaspé Bay

Late in the day on November 9, a symphony of spouts resonates off the coast of Cap-aux-Os in the Gaspé…

|Observation of the Week 12/11/2020

Whale Q&A

Could one be eaten by a whale?

In the animated film Pinocchio, the famous puppet is swallowed by a whale, then lives in its belly for a…

|Whale Q&A 16/11/2020

Do whales produce saliva?

As we know, whales are big eaters and can detect their prey from afar, some species thanks to their sense…

|Whale Q&A 13/11/2020

What is the impact of offshore drilling on whales?

While three oil drilling projects off the coast of Newfoundland are being fast-tracked by the Canadian government, one faithful reader…

|Whale Q&A 22/10/2020