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Spouts and Tail Slapping Displays

In the sometimes calm, sometimes choppy waters of the St. Lawrence, cetaceans have made some noteworthy appearances. The clearly visible,…

|Observation of the Week 12/10/2023

Should we be concerned about the low numbers of whales in the St. Lawrence River during the first few weeks of the season?

You’ve probably heard this question more than once since the start of the season! Our team therefore felt it might…

|News 29/6/2023

Symposium beluga 2023

In 1988, the International Forum for the Future of the Beluga was held. Just five years earlier, in 1983, the…

|News 3/5/2023

Earth Day 2023: 5 Things You Can Do to Help Whales

Since every little gesture counts when it comes to safeguarding the environment, the Whales Online team presents five actions that…

|News 20/4/2023