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North Atlantic Right Whale Protection Measures Maintained

The Government of Canada has just announced what measures will be taken this year to protect North Atlantic right whales…

|Hot Topics 18/2/2021

One in Two Fin Whales Already Entangled

The number of fin whales frequenting the Gulf of St. Lawrence that bear entanglement marks and scars is much higher…

|News 11/2/2021

400 Right Whales Left… Now What?

How many North Atlantic right whales are left in the world? If the answer today hovers around 400, for researchers,…

|News 6/7/2020
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Right Whale Protection Measures: Highs and Lows

Since the start of the year, news concerning protection measures specific to North Atlantic right whales has been like a…

|News 25/6/2020
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2020 North Atlantic Right Whale Monitoring

The endangered North Atlantic right whale is subject to special surveillance and protection measures. Its preservation is an issue of…

|Hot Topics 14/5/2020

Arrival of Right Whales Triggers Protective Measures

After wintering in the coastal waters of Florida and Georgia, right whales are back in the Gulf of St. Lawrence!…

|News 7/5/2020

First case of right whale entanglement in 2018

July 13, 2018, 14:45, off the coast of New Brunswick’s Miscou Island, an aerial survey conducted by the National Oceanic and…

|News 18/7/2018

Right whales: measures to prevent entanglements and collisions

Although changes made to the fishing season are of concern to many workers, be they fishermen or processing plant employees,…

|News 24/4/2018

Right whales: an entangled whale named Kleenex

Researchers call her Kleenex. Known since 1977, this right whale has been swimming with a rope wrapped around her head…

|News 20/4/2018

Federal government announces new protective measures for right whales

By François Vachon The year 2017 was a particularly grim year for right whales. A total of 17 carcasses were…

|News 3/4/2018

Right whales still present in gulf

At least 15 right whale sightings were made in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the week of November 17,…

|News 21/11/2017

Whales in the nets

As evidenced by the news in the past few weeks, when whales get entangled in fishing gear, there can be…

|News 28/7/2017