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Fin-Blue Hybrids: A New Challenge for Blue Whale Conservation?

The existence of hybrids resulting from the cross between the two largest animals in the world – the fin whale…

|News 28/9/2020
rorqual bleu

Why is the blue whale so big?

It is bigger than the largest dinosaur. And it weighs roughly 25 times more than the largest living land animal,…

|Whale Q&A 16/9/2020
Rorqual bleu s'alimentant

How do we know how big a blue whale gulp is?

For researchers, studying the giants of the seas is no easy task! For example, how do they quantify how much…

|Whale Q&A 24/3/2020

Two Beats a Minute Underwater: A Lesson in Blue Whale Cardio!

In an uncommon exercise in cetacean research, a team successfully placed a tag with electrodes on the back of a…

|News 6/1/2020

Are the blue whales in the St. Lawrence getting enough to eat?

In summer, the St. Lawrence is a feeding ground for a number of blue whales of the northwest Atlantic population.…

|News 22/10/2019

With the large rorquals… The biggest!

By Maude-Émilie Bourque Sunday, August 25, 2019. I leave for Grandes-Bergeronnes at the crack of dawn with my equipment: camera…

|Field Notes 3/9/2019

Military Sonar: A Threat to Blue Whale’s Recovery?

A new study published in Experimental Biology showed that military sonar can affect the behaviour of the blue whales studied off the…

|News 13/8/2019

Whale soup

Monday morning, August 7. My vacation kicks off and pushes me to the opposite coastline, in the direction of the…

|Field Notes 10/8/2017

The Beauty of New Life

The month of May is a bit chilly out on the water and windows of favourable weather are somewhat narrower…

|Field Notes 1/6/2017

Blue Whale Feeding Disturbed by Nearby Watercraft

According to a recent study conducted by researchers at Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) and the Rimouski-based Institute of Ocean…

|News 22/5/2017

Exciting First Outing of the Spring

On Friday, May 5, I made my first trip out to sea of the 2017 season. Usually I make this…

|Field Notes 10/5/2017