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Spring of the Seals

“72!” That’s how many seals our collaborator Laeticia Desbordes is lucky enough to observe and carefully tally early this week…

|Observation of the Week 18/3/2020

Two Beats a Minute Underwater: A Lesson in Blue Whale Cardio!

In an uncommon exercise in cetacean research, a team successfully placed a tag with electrodes on the back of a…

|News 6/1/2020

Calf and Female Mortality in Belugas: “Problem No. 1”

November 9, 2019: The Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network receives a report of a female beluga carcass on the…

|News 9/12/2019

Whispering and avoiding predators!

A number of studies show that in different species of baleen whales, mothers and their offspring communicate in a very…

|News 26/11/2019

Contaminants Blamed for Throwing Genes Out of Whack

More and more studies are suggesting that numerous so-called endocrine disruptors are accumulating in the tissues of whales and posing…

|News 18/10/2019

Are whale protection and research work compatible?

Better understanding cetaceans to better protect them is the goal of many researchers working on these giants of the seas.…

|News 5/9/2019
Photo à la surface de l'eau d'une queue de cachalot en train de plonger

Are whales’ bones adapted to their diving?

Several species of whales have traits that are well suited to their diving behaviour. For example, the relatively small size…

|Whale Q&A 2/5/2019