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Des bélugas dans l'eau

Climate Change Compromising Beluga Recovery

Despite the 1979 ban on commercial whaling that decimated the St. Lawrence beluga and the implementation of numerous protection measures,…

|News 25/5/2022

North Atlantic Right Whales: Climate Refugees

The North Atlantic right whale population is down to approximately 350 individuals and is critically endangered. The recovery of this…

|News 8/11/2021

Climate Change Triggers Shifts in Fin Whale Diets

As predators, fin whales are considered generalists, capable of hunting and feeding on a variety of prey ranging from zooplankton…

|News 1/11/2021

Southern Resident Killer Whales: J-Pod Missing for 108 Days

Since 2013, the southern resident killer whale population has been exhibiting unusual behaviours that are worrying scientists. Strangely enough, this…

|News 16/8/2021

Educational Podcasts on Marine Mammals

Itching to set sail in search of marine mammals? Virtual experiences are available thanks to the following list of podcasts…

|News 8/3/2021

With the whales of Hawaii… virtually!

Looking for a getaway? Here’s a chance to do just that. The 15th edition of Whale Tales will be held…

|News 3/2/2021

Intimidating Predators in a Less Icy Arctic

Marine mammal populations are accustomed to spending their summers in certain predator-free parts of the Arctic to give birth to,…

|News 6/3/2017

New Marine Protected Area in the Canadian Arctic

On November 16, Fisheries and Oceans Canada announced the creation of the largest Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Canadian…

|News 20/12/2016

How is climate change affecting whales?

By Olivia Capeillere Several studies support the hypothesis that climate change will have negative impacts on whales. Three main impacts…

|Whale Q&A 20/9/2016