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Top Picks for a Rich Whale Library

Many species of whales have left the St. Lawrence for the winter. Observing these cetaceans in the flesh in the…

|News 8/12/2022

A Fossil Under the Magnifying Glass

Thirty years ago, the fossil of an Atlantic grey whale (Eschrichtius robustus) was misidentified as a humpback whale. The latter…

|News 17/11/2022

Humpback Whale Season Winding Down

As winter approaches, migratory whale species are slowly beginning to leave. Although humpback whales are becoming more scarce, the waters…

|Observation of the Week 10/11/2022

Where do whales get their scars?

Some whales bear reminders of their past. Sometimes inconspicuous, sometimes more pronounced, scars of all shapes and sizes mark the…

|Whale Q&A 20/10/2022

Winds and Whales

One might think that the roller coaster temperatures of autumn are hardly conducive to marine mammal sightings. However, this is…

|Observation of the Week 20/10/2022

How is math used to study whales?

A favourite subject for some but dreaded by others, math can sometimes be applied in unusual ways. As part of…

|Whale Q&A 24/9/2022