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Educational Podcasts on Marine Mammals

Itching to set sail in search of marine mammals? Virtual experiences are available thanks to the following list of podcasts…

|News 8/3/2021

Can bioluminescence cause the St. Lawrence to glow?

It’s 9 in the evening, and a group of ten or so kayakers venture out onto the St. Lawrence with…

|Whale Q&A 14/10/2020

Whaling: Do whales hunted in the Nordic countries visit the St. Lawrence?

Are the cetaceans targeted by Icelandic or Norwegian whalers the same ones as those that visit us year after year?…

|Whale Q&A 4/9/2018

In Pursuit of the Fin Whale

Last July 13, 2017, I spent my day on the water in search of large rorquals to photograph. The weather…

|Field Notes 18/7/2017