Schedule for 2020

From August 1 to September 12, 2020: 10 am – 6 pm, every day

From September 13 to October 12, 2020: 11 am – 5 pm, every day

You are with a group and you would like to visit at another time? Please call us at 418 235-4701. For group pricing, please contact us

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108, de la Cale Sèche, Tadoussac, QC G0T 2A0
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Rates for 2020

Adult: 15$, taxes included
Children (17 and under, accompanied by an adult): Free!

This offer does not apply for groups. For group pricing, please contact us at 418 235-4701 or at:


Whale-watching: From the rocks around the CIMM, observe the belugas, minke whales and seals that enter the Saguenay. Free activity, open to all.

Marine Mammal Emergencies, the presentation (back in 2021): everyday, around 15h00, in the exhibition room. A person working at the Quebec Marine Mammals Emergencies Network will come to talk to you about the current cases and what the cases tell us about whales and seals in the St. Lawrence.

The researchers coming back from sea : every day, when the research teams come back from the field, in the exhibition room. Get the latest whale news  and gain an insight into scientific research by researchers upon their return from the field.

Jardin de la Grève : every day, at your own pace. In front of the CIMM, the Jardin de la Grève is an area of relaxation, contemplation and entertainment. It contains 5,500 plants typical of the North Shore and shelters the sculptures of five life-size belugas. Interpretive panels provide information about the whales of the St. Lawrence and the garden.


Boutique souvenir

All the products sold in the shop are for the benefit of GREMM’s scientific research. Your purchase helps support the whales of the St. Lawrence.


The parking lot adjacent to the CIMM belongs to the municipality of Tadoussac. Rates and availability are subject to change.