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Fin-Blue Hybrids: A New Challenge for Blue Whale Conservation?

The existence of hybrids resulting from the cross between the two largest animals in the world – the fin whale…

|News 28/9/2020

Swimming in a River of Pollutants: Belugas Believed to be Four Times More Contaminated Than Minke Whales

Just how contaminated are the belugas of the St. Lawrence? This very question became the research topic of Antoine Simond…

|News 21/9/2020

Research in the St. Lawrence Stalled This Summer

Normally, whale experts up and down the St. Lawrence would have begun their research a long time ago. However, the…

|News 4/8/2020

Can we rid whales of their pollution?

Pollution can accumulate in whales' bodies and cause them serious health problems. “Can we flush this pollution out of a…

|Whale Q&A 18/6/2020