The holiday season is the perfect time to immerse yourself in stories about marine mammals and relax in front of a good movie. The Whales Online team has put together a selection of films and series, from Quebec classics to impressive National Geographic documentaries!

La grenouille et la baleine

Part of the Quebec film series Contes pour tous, La grenouille et la baleine stars 11-year-old Daphnée, who spends her summer at her grandfather’s inn on the North Shore. She has a special relationship with marine mammals, and quickly befriends a dolphin named Elvar, the only one of his kind in the region. Through the North Shore landscape and the majestic songs of the humpback whales, we follow the highly-developed protagonist through an eventful summer full of adventures. A film for the whole family, sure to inspire love and discovery of the gentle, intelligent marine mammals that frequent the St. Lawrence River.

Available for rental and viewing on several platforms (in French)

L’énigme des bélugas

Throughout this short documentary, Charles Tisseyre tells us why the decline of the St. Lawrence beluga population remains so enigmatic, and explains what could be the cause. Scientists studying beluga populations around the world, from Russia to Alaska to the St. Lawrence, explain their research projects. Beacons, hydrophones, telemetry and many other data-gathering techniques and tools are used in an attempt to elucidate the major factors influencing the survival of St. Lawrence belugas. Is it still possible to save our white whales from extinction? L’énigme des bélugas offers a tentative answer.

Available for free viewing on ICI.TOU.TV (in French)

Secrets of the whales

The National Geographic documentary Secrets of the whales explores the social cultures of different whale species around the world. Killer whales, humpback whales, belugas and sperm whales each star in their own 50-minute episode. In these episodes, National Geographic explorers travel the world’s oceans and bays, comparing the populations of each species with each other: their vocalizations, their hunting techniques, their interactions, and how these social behaviors are passed down from generation to generation. Packed with spectacular images, both underwater and aerial, this wildlife documentary is a must-see for young and old alike, curious whale lovers.

Available for viewing on Disney+

Katak, le brave béluga

This animated Quebec film tells the story of a young beluga whale from the St. Lawrence, named Katak, on his quest to find his grandfather. The young beluga also has a peculiarity: he’s still gray, whereas whales his age are usually white. The story introduces us to the magnificent North Shore landscapes, as well as to the marine and avian fauna. With sensitivity and humor, the film tackles the various challenges belugas face throughout their lives, such as the impact of noise on their communication and pollution. Definitely a film for the whole family that’s not only educational, but also a good time!

Available for rental and viewing at Maison4tiers (in French)

Pour la suite du monde

A masterpiece of Quebec documentary filmmaking, Pour la suite du monde tells the unique story of the inhabitants of Île-aux-Coudres, who want to revive porpoise fishing for a season. These “porpoises” are the belugas of the St. Lawrence, fragile white creatures that we’ve been trying to protect at all costs in recent years. In this 1962 documentary, black-and-white images take us through the various stages of this traditional practice, which had been abandoned more than 30 years before filming. With its sensitive scenes and sometimes shocking sequences, this film is a classic of Quebec cinema that should be seen by all those with an interest in the history of the St. Lawrence.

Available for free viewing on ONF (in French)

News - 14/12/2023

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