• 2019 / 07 / 17

    With the Belugas… Out Fishing!

    Par Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Field notes

    July 3, 2019: The BpJAM is back at sea for the 2019 field season, with the same crew as last year. The foggy morning forces us to stay docked: it’s hard enough to locate a herd in the fog, much less...

  • 2019 / 07 / 12

    Right Whales: What is happening in 2019

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / En péril-en / Issues

    The North Atlantic right whale is endangered, with an estimated population of only about 400 individuals. The main threats faced by this species are entanglements in fishing gear (ropes) and collision...

  • 2019 / 07 / 11

    Tougher Prevention Measures to Protect North Atlantic Right Whales

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Actions

    Speed ​​restrictions applied to a larger fleet, increased aerial surveillance, expanded speed ​​limit area… The Government of Canada is announcing new measures to prevent entanglements a...

  • 2019 / 07 / 11

    A North Atlantic right whale… in France!

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Discoveries / En péril-en

    A reader has reported a video of an unusual-looking whale off the coast of Brittany, France. After validation with experts at the New England Aquarium, the organization that manages the North Atlantic...

  • Dauphins à flancs blancs © Renaud Pintiaux 2019 / 07 / 11

    First Dolphins of the Year and a Great-Grandmother

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    Measuring 2 to 2.7 metres long, their toned bodies are black, white, grey and yellowish-beige. Atlantic white-sided dolphins! Fifteen or so individuals were seen leaping in Gaspé Bay on July 5. “W...

  • 2019 / 07 / 11

    What is ambergris?

    Par Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Questions from the public

    Sperm whales are known and have been hunted for their production of ambergris, a substance of great value that has historically been used notably in the perfume industry. It is estimated that ambergri...

  • 2019 / 07 / 09

    Female Beluga DL0584 Dies while Giving Birth

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Beluga / Headline

    An eighth beluga carcass washed up on the banks of the St. Lawrence River on July 4. The individual has been identified as DL0584, a female that had been known to researchers since 1990. The necropsy ...

  • 2019 / 07 / 05

    Fins on the Horizon!

    Par Marie-Ève Muller / Observation of the week

    Although whales were scarce in the Bonaventure Island sector last July, this year they have been plentiful. “We’re spoiled,” says one naturalist. The humpbacks are generous with their aerial...

  • 2019 / 07 / 05

    Concerns for the Welfare of Eight Captive Whales Returned to the Wild

    Par Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Issues

    Since November 2018, 87 belugas and 10 killer whales have been illegally held captive in a “whale prison” off Nakhodka in Russia’s Far East. In April, the Russian government signed an agreement ...

  • 2019 / 07 / 05

    Do humpback whales have friends?

    Par Jeanne Picher-Labrie / Questions from the public

    Since arriving in the Marine Park area, Tic Tac Toe has been observed multiple times with another female nicknamed Snowball. At the end of last summer, it was with Gaspar that Tic Tac Toe spent all he...