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Five Promising Initiatives to Prevent Collisions with Whales

Imagine that your dining room, your bedroom and your child’s day care were constantly being driven through by high-speed vehicles.…

|News 5/1/2021

Future sanctuary for captive Belugas in Nova Scotia

Creating a “retirement home” in the open sea that is capable of providing the best possible living conditions for whales…

|News 30/4/2020

Antibiotic Treatments for Whales: A Challenge

Across Canada and the US in early January, North Atlantic right whale experts, marine mammal veterinarians and whale rescue specialists…

|News 11/3/2020

Southern resident killer whales : new measures announced

The Government of Canada announced further actions to help protect the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKWs) on October 31,…

|News 14/11/2018

Studying Whale Breath: New Discoveries and Techniques

A Canadian-US research team has undertaken a study on the fungi and bacteria found in the breath of southern resident…

|News 21/4/2017