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Initiatives for Responsible Whale-Watching

This year, the Eco-Whale Alliance is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Established by sea excursion companies, GREMM, Sépaq and Parks Canada,…

|News 5/10/2021

New Tools Available to Maritime Industry for Marine Mammal Protection

The Marine Mammal Observation Network (MMON), the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO)…

|News 21/5/2021

Novel Measure to Protect Southern Resident Killer Whales

Frequenting British Columbia waters, the southern resident killer whale population is estimated to number approximately 72 individuals. On January 14, the…

|News 26/1/2021

Right whales : similar measures for 2019

The North Atlantic right whale protection measures for 2019 have been announced, and will include measures better suited to the…

|News 7/2/2019
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

Toward a better co-existence of shipping traffic and belugas in the St. Lawrence

To facilitate the recovery of whales at risk in the St. Lawrence, researchers, wildlife managers and industry are working together…

|News 15/5/2017

How do Boats Avoid Whales?

Collisions between ships and cetaceans are rather frequent and are a recognized cause of cetacean mortality in the world, despite…

|Whale Q&A 1/4/2016

New Cacouna Port Project in the Beluga Nursery: Concerns and Astonishment

While the oil port project was abandoned six months ago due to the fact that the beluga population was assessed…

|News 11/7/2015