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New Cacouna Port Project in the Beluga Nursery: Concerns and Astonishment

While the oil port project was abandoned six months ago due to the fact that the beluga population was assessed…

|News 11/7/2015

Calculations that Could Help Save Whales Entangled in Fishing Gear

According to a recent study, researchers examined whale skeletons and carcasses of all sizes to obtain measurements of their body…

|News 3/7/2015

“The Most Solitary of Whales”: Mysterious No. 52 Raises Questions, Inspires, Sparks New Scientific Commentary

This whale frequents the North Pacific and emits a range of unusual frequencies which are believed to isolate it from…

|News 28/4/2015

From the St. Lawrence Estuary to the north Atlantic: the odyssey of the blue whale Symphony

For more than five months, researchers have been tracking the migration of this female thanks to a signal emitted by…

|News 17/4/2015

Collision between Inflatable Boat and Whale in Mexico: One Canadian Tourist Dead and Two Persons Injured

The accident, which occurred in an area known to be frequented by a large number of tourist boats and by…

|News 30/3/2015