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Whale Day: A Few Actions to Lower the Risks to Marine Mammals

Around the globe, many people are concerned by the plight of cetaceans. February 19 is the international day dedicated to…

|News 18/2/2021

Swimming in a River of Pollutants: Belugas Believed to be Four Times More Contaminated Than Minke Whales

Just how contaminated are the belugas of the St. Lawrence? This very question became the research topic of Antoine Simond…

|News 21/9/2020

Can we rid whales of their pollution?

Pollution can accumulate in whales' bodies and cause them serious health problems. “Can we flush this pollution out of a…

|Whale Q&A 18/6/2020

Cleanup of “seventh continent” set to begin

On September 8, The Ocean Cleanup project will deploy its first floating system designed to capture waste in the waters of the…

|News 19/7/2019

Why do cetaceans die?

Just like us, cetaceans (whales, porpoises, and dolphins) have a range of reasons that can lead to mortality. Because of…

|Whale Q&A 5/12/2018
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

Banned flame retardants still present in St. Lawrence belugas

Despite the measures that have been put into place in Canada since 2006 to reduce the concentrations of certain flame…

|News 13/6/2017

Why is plastic sometimes found in the stomachs of whales?

How is it that 30 plastic bags find their way into the stomach of a cetacean? The issue was raised…

|Whale Q&A 10/3/2017

Accumulation of Heavy Metals in a Group of Stranded Long-finned Pilot Whales in Scotland

A study by researchers at the University of Aberdeen, in collaboration with the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme, recently demonstrated…

|News 24/2/2016