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North Atlantic Right Whale Births Give Cause for Hope

The breeding season for North Atlantic right whales is in full swing. As of January 22, 2021, 17 healthy calves…

|News 20/1/2021

A seventh calf, but not a baby boom

Since the beginning of the right whale calving season, 7 newborns have been observed. Although the announcement of a seventh…

|News 20/2/2019

Do Whales Have Baby Teeth?

Humans have two generations of teeth: deciduous teeth (from the Latin “to fall”) – also called “baby teeth” – and…

|Whale Q&A 4/2/2019

With the belugas: weeks of July 10 and 17, 2017

Our team began to see the first calves of the year several weeks ago already, but in the past two…

|Field Notes 28/7/2017

Minke whale with calf and two fin whales

June 2, 2017. Foray off Tadoussac and an exceptional morning observation! According to my information, this is the first one…

|Field Notes 5/6/2017

The Beauty of New Life

The month of May is a bit chilly out on the water and windows of favourable weather are somewhat narrower…

|Field Notes 1/6/2017