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What is ghost gear?

If you follow whale-related issues at all, you’ve probably already heard of ghost gear. Some of our readers might be…

|Whale Q&A 28/9/2021

Right whales : fishing closures and new technologies for crabbing industry

On May 13, the first North Atlantic right whales of the season were observed via aerial survey in the Gulf of…

|News 23/5/2019

Right whales : similar measures for 2019

The North Atlantic right whale protection measures for 2019 have been announced, and will include measures better suited to the…

|News 7/2/2019

New fishery management measures in effort tu curb right whale mortality

Four new management measures for the snow crab fishery have been announced by Fisheries and Oceans Canada Minister Dominic LeBlanc…

|News 23/1/2018

Calculations that Could Help Save Whales Entangled in Fishing Gear

According to a recent study, researchers examined whale skeletons and carcasses of all sizes to obtain measurements of their body…

|News 3/7/2015