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Do albino whales exist?

They stand out from other members of their species by their unusual whiteness. They are known as albinos. Like land…

|Whale Q&A 17/11/2021
Tail of a sperm whale

What is ambergris?

Sperm whales are known and have been hunted for their production of ambergris, a substance of great value that has…

|Whale Q&A 5/7/2019

Do whales suffer from sunburn?

Unlike other mammals, whales do not have hair to protect their skin. Even if they spend little time at the…

|Whale Q&A 15/5/2019

Can Whales Be Deaf or Blind?

By Célia Baratier Sound travels much faster through water than through air. Whales have taken advantage of this phenomenon thanks…

|Whale Q&A 22/6/2018

Could solar storms be to blame for a mass stranding?

The stranding of 29 sperm whales in the North Sea in early 2016 may have been caused by solar storms…

|News 15/11/2017