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Multiple Births and Low Mortality Spell Good Year for North Atlantic Right Whales

One of the most critically endangered cetacean species in the world, the North Atlantic right whale has been under close…

|News 5/1/2022

Generosity For Your Loved Ones… and For Whales, Too!

The 2020 holiday season will come with its share of challenges, just like the periods of adaptation that we all…

|News 4/12/2020

North Atlantic Right Whale: Dismal Record Mitigated by Mobilization

The future is an increasingly gloomy one for the North Atlantic right whale, an endangered species whose numbers have been…

|News 9/1/2020

The right whale tale : a year-in-review (2018)

Once believed to be the “right” whales to hunt, the endangered North Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis) population has been…

|News 20/12/2018

Right whales : the situation in 2018

2017 was a grim year for the North Atlantic right whales. The deaths of 18 right whales created a shock wave…

|News 12/12/2018

Whales in the nets

As evidenced by the news in the past few weeks, when whales get entangled in fishing gear, there can be…

|News 28/7/2017