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rorqual bleu

Why is the blue whale so big?

It is bigger than the largest dinosaur. And it weighs roughly 25 times more than the largest living land animal,…

|Whale Q&A 16/9/2020
DL dents

What do St. Lawrence belugas eat?

It may seem surprising, but up until a few months ago, the diet of the St. Lawrence beluga was not…

|News, Whale Q&A 1/9/2020
Rorqual bleu s'alimentant

How do we know how big a blue whale gulp is?

For researchers, studying the giants of the seas is no easy task! For example, how do they quantify how much…

|Whale Q&A 24/3/2020
pectorale bosse

Humpback whales eat with their hands

The pectoral fins of humpback whales, with their enormous size and jagged edges, are quite different from those of other…

|News 19/11/2019

Are the blue whales in the St. Lawrence getting enough to eat?

In summer, the St. Lawrence is a feeding ground for a number of blue whales of the northwest Atlantic population.…

|News 22/10/2019
Tail of a sperm whale

What is ambergris?

Sperm whales are known and have been hunted for their production of ambergris, a substance of great value that has…

|Whale Q&A 5/7/2019

North Atlantic Right Whales Making Headlines: What’s Going On?

In recent months, the North Atlantic right whale has been much talked about. An unprecedented number of whales in Cape…

|News 27/4/2017