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How does a collision affect a cetacean’s social life?

When discussing the impacts of an accident between a ship and a marine mammal, we generally focus on the physical…

|Whale Q&A 19/1/2021

Voluntarily Lowering One’s Heart Rate to Dive Safely

Because they live in water and must constantly dive to forage or to move, cetaceans have developed a great number…

|News 3/12/2020

Dolphin Runs Aground in Magdalen Islands But Returns to Sea

A dolphin found itself in an awkward position on November 21 near Gros-Cap, in the Magdalen Islands. Out for a…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 26/11/2020

Do dolphins get Alzheimer’s?

For the first time, a study has shown clear signs of Alzheimer’s disease in a wild animal: the dolphin. Both…

|News 15/12/2017