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Travelling Back in Time with Embryos!

What if we could observe the different stages of evolution that a species has undergone by studying a single individual?…

|News 1/7/2021

Voluntarily Lowering One’s Heart Rate to Dive Safely

Because they live in water and must constantly dive to forage or to move, cetaceans have developed a great number…

|News 3/12/2020

My dream is to swim with dolphins or whales. What would be the impact of such an activity?

In many places around the globe, ecotourism organizations offer the opportunity to swim with marine mammals. Whether we’re talking about…

|Whale Q&A 3/6/2020

Are there any whales that live in fresh water?

There are nearly 70 species of toothed whales and 13 species of baleen whales. Baleen whales use a highly specialized…

|Whale Q&A 12/8/2019

Solitary dolphins and belugas : independant or lost?

The female dolphin known as “Dolphy” regularly plays with swimmers and boats in the French port of Collioure. It is…

|News 28/2/2019