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Are beluga biopsies harmful?

Since 1994, GREMM’s research team has been conducting a long-term biopsy program (article in French) on the beluga population of…

|Whale Q&A 15/3/2022

With the Belugas… Collecting Biopsies

By Laura Zeppetelli This fall, I had the opportunity to leave my office in downtown Montréal to board the Bleuvet…

|Field Notes 9/11/2021

With the belugas… and their blubber

By Valerie Jolicoeur, master student at UQAM This fall, I embarked on a major Master’s project that focuses on the…

|Field Notes 24/10/2019

How do they determine the age of whales?

Estimating the age of marine mammals is more complex than one might think. Few reliable techniques exist to determine the…

|Whale Q&A 6/2/2019

With the belugas: week of september 18, 2017

This week, we are giving the floor to Alexandre Bernier-Graveline, UQAM Master’s candidate in bioaccumulation and the effects of environmental…

|Field Notes 29/9/2017
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

DL220 off Cap de Bon-Désir!

April 10, 2017. Back on the rocks of Cap de Bon-Désir. Rather quickly, I spot with my binoculars a herd…

|Field Notes 12/4/2017