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Twelve Years of Encounters with Humpback Whale H626 (a.k.a. BBR/Gaspar)

For many years now, I have regularly gone out on the water every summer as well as a good part…

|Field Notes 19/1/2022

The last one from sea

It is the end of the 2018 season on the water but there is still life at sea. It is…

|Field Notes 7/11/2018

A great show in Gaspesie

When you take a whale-watching trip, you need to be lucky to observe a breaching session. To watch two such…

|Field Notes 24/7/2017

Why leap out of the water when one weighs over 30 tonnes?

Known as breaches in scientific jargon, these leaps out of the water that whales perform serve notably to communicate with…

|Whale Q&A 23/1/2017