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Total Euphoria

A 2014 BBC documentary showed a pod of dolphins playing with a pufferfish, prodding and grabbing it with their beaks…

|News 14/9/2023
La propagation du son est 5 fois plus rapide dans l’eau que dans l’air. © GREMM

Echolocation in Land vs. Marine Animals

Echolocation is used by several animals such as bats, dolphins, toothed whales and some nocturnal birds. This technique allows animals…

|News 17/8/2023

A Look at the Iris

Compared to their giant bodies, the eyes of whales are quite small. It is often said that the eyes are…

|Whale Q&A 30/7/2023
Même s'ils n’ont pas une bonne vision, les yeux des bélugas, situés aux deux extrémités de leur tête leur permettent de bénéficier d’un large champ de vision. © GREMM

Super Soldiers of the Animal Kingdom!

A beluga ironically named Hvaldimir – Hval for “whale” in Norwegian – was first seen in 2019 off the coast…

|News 22/6/2023