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Meeting Up with Giants… by Jaclyn Aubin

"The blue whale is the biggest whale, right?" That's a question I hear often. Well yes! The blue whale, which can…

|Field Notes 24/8/2016

When the Humpback Comes to the Table… by Audrey Tawel-Thibert

On the afternoon of August 16, 2016, a young humpback whale, probably Fleuret's calf, was surface feeding. Together with other…

|Field Notes 23/8/2016

Rising Sun over the St. Lawrence… by Jaclyn Aubin

In the past few months, I've learned that photo-identification work has nothing to do with artistic photography. Indeed, it is…

|Field Notes 2/8/2016

How Far Back Does the Presence of Belugas in the St. Lawrence Go?

Some of the first records of belugas in the St. Lawrence River can be found in Jacques Cartier's travel logs…

|Whale Q&A 4/10/2015

Porpoises: Shy Whales? Not in the Least… by Marie-Pier Poulin

Not this week at least! On several cruises, observers old and young smiled as they discovered harbour porpoises, those small,…

|Field Notes 4/9/2015

Minke Whales Draw my Attention… by Catherine Chassé

After a morning working in the lab, I finally head offshore in the afternoon to join the whales. Earlier that…

|Field Notes 3/9/2015