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Voluntarily Lowering One’s Heart Rate to Dive Safely

Because they live in water and must constantly dive to forage or to move, cetaceans have developed a great number…

|News 3/12/2020

How can a live stranded whale die of asphyxiation?

By François Vachon Ocean water exerts pressure that allows cetaceans to support their mass. Animals such as fin whales and…

|Whale Q&A 28/3/2018

Have Whales Ever Gotten Trapped by the Ice in the St. Lawrence Estuary?

By François Vachon To date, no such incident has ever been recorded within the boundaries of the St. Lawrence Estuary.…

|Whale Q&A 17/1/2018

Microorganisms in whale breath

A large group of bacteria was identified for the first time in the breath (or blow) of humpback whales. Whether…

|News 17/10/2017