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With the belugas… and the unexpected on board the Bleuvet!

On Wednesday, August 8, the Bleuvet team was on the water searching for a herd of belugas to carry out…

|Field Notes 10/8/2018

Seals: topic of interest at marine mammals emergencies

Nearly a dozen seal carcasses were reported to 1-877-7baleine in April, and soon the first reports of pups will also…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 9/5/2018

Spring Reveals Two Dolphin Carcasses in Sainte-Flavie

Two white-sided dolphin carcasses were discovered in Sainte-Flavie on March 21. A resident of this Lower St. Lawrence town and…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 27/3/2017

Volunteering for Marine Mammal Emergencies

Every year since 2012, the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network has been recruiting volunteers who are available and motivated…

|Marine Mammal Emergencies 10/1/2017