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Climate Change Triggers Shifts in Fin Whale Diets

As predators, fin whales are considered generalists, capable of hunting and feeding on a variety of prey ranging from zooplankton…

|News 1/11/2021
rorqual bleu

Why is the blue whale so big?

It is bigger than the largest dinosaur. And it weighs roughly 25 times more than the largest living land animal,…

|Whale Q&A 16/9/2020

Are the blue whales in the St. Lawrence getting enough to eat?

In summer, the St. Lawrence is a feeding ground for a number of blue whales of the northwest Atlantic population.…

|News 22/10/2019

Are there krill in the wintertime?

Yes, there are krill in the St. Lawrence in the wintertime. According to a recent study by Dr. Yvan Simard…

|Whale Q&A 29/10/2018