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An Oral Plug to Prevent Whales from Choking on Seawater

The rorqual family includes the largest animals on the planet. In order to satisfy their gargantuan energy needs by gulping…

|News 24/2/2022

Masturbation and Functional Clitoris: Dolphins’ Sexual Life Revealed

It is widely known that some animal species, including humans and bonobos, engage in sexual activity outside of their breeding…

|News 8/2/2022
béluga hors de l'eau

How do whales see us?

Powerful yet elegant, cetaceans are majestic beings for humans to observe. But how do they see us? In colour or…

|Whale Q&A 27/1/2022

What is a laryngeal sac?

The laryngeal sac is a structure found in baleen whales, but also in many other mammals, including primates (but not…

|Whale Q&A 14/5/2019