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Some Belugas More Affected than Others by Underwater Noise

Underwater noise is a major issue in the protection St. Lawrence belugas, which rely on sound to find their way,…

|News 11/1/2022

Boaters Urged to Contribute to Research

Like thousands of other pleasure boaters, do you enjoy taking advantage of warm summer days to operate your craft in…

|News 6/8/2020

Military Sonar: A Threat to Blue Whale’s Recovery?

A new study published in Experimental Biology showed that military sonar can affect the behaviour of the blue whales studied off the…

|News 13/8/2019

Correlation Confirmed Between Military Sonar and Beaked Whale Mass Strandings

Noise pollution is a growing threat for whales, notably for the beluga population of the St. Lawrence, which is affected…

|News 15/2/2019
Béluga du Saint-Laurent

Toward a better co-existence of shipping traffic and belugas in the St. Lawrence

To facilitate the recovery of whales at risk in the St. Lawrence, researchers, wildlife managers and industry are working together…

|News 15/5/2017