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With the Belugas… An overview of our 2021 projects

By Alexandre Bernier-Graveline How do you imagine the day-to-day life of a member of GREMM’s research team? Hair blowing in…

|Field Notes 22/9/2021

Our First Field Season on the Grande-Île

By Jaclyn Aubin This summer, I was lucky enough to pass two weeks on the Grande-Île de Kamouraska, accompanied by…

|Field Notes 8/9/2021

Decoding Killer Whale Friendships with Drones

Much like humans, killer whales can’t choose their family, but they can at least decide which of their little cousins ​​they want…

|News 1/9/2021

Robots amongst the whales

Remote-controlled gadgets are becoming more popular for studying whales. Some have wings; some have propellers; other have sails or even…

|News 22/5/2018