Raising Funds to Support Belugas and Killer Whales

  • Artsea le béluga du Saint-Laurent et Hope l'épaulard résident du Nord ont été adoptés par les magasins Simons. © Simons
    22 / 09 / 2017 Par Marie-Ève Muller

    From coast to coast, Simons is supporting research on St. Lawrence belugas and Pacific killer whales by symbolically adopting Artsea and Hope. With a brand new collection featuring these two species, Simons is aiming to combine hope and creativity to participate in the conservation of these emblematic animals of our waters. For every product sold in the store or online, $4 will be donated to the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals and an additional $4 to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Research Program.

    From Quebec…

    Artsea © GREMM

    Already in 1989, Simons adopted Twik, a well known beluga to researchers from the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM), recognizable by its large V-shaped notch toward the middle of its dorsal crest. The family is growing again for the Québec City company with the adoption of Artsea, a young female who crosses paths with GREMM researchers almost every year.

    Adoptions help support various research projects on St. Lawrence belugas to better understand these white whales and their habitat: photo-identification, mortality monitoring, assistance to belugas in distress, genetics, toxicology, education and public awareness.

    …to British Columbia

    Hope, meanwhile, is a male killer whale belonging to the northern resident community. The latter travels between the waters off northern Vancouver Island and those of the mainland coast in southeast Alaska. At the Vancouver Aquarium, the Marine Mammal Research Program has been studying North Pacific killer whales for over 30 years. Research projects supported by Hope’s adoption cover a wide range of fields: genetics, acoustic communication, photo-identification and conservation.

    From Coast to Coast collection is now available online and in every Simons store. © Simons

    St. Lawrence belugas and northern resident killer whales are facing extinction. Now more than ever, action based on advanced knowledge of species and their environment is needed.

    The collection is now available in all Simons stores as well as on its online shop.

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