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Their story is that of The St. Lawrence,
and their future is our future, too.


1 May 2019

Sanctuary for Retired Belugas: A World First

Two belugas currently living in an aquarium in Shanghai, China, are getting ready to fly to Iceland. The two whales will become residents of the world’s first sanctuary for retired whales. The goal is to bring them back to an environment similar to that of their origin, without any shows or tricks to perform. Litla-Hvít... Learn more

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27 April 2019

With the Belugas: The Fascinating Work Behind Beluga Pairing (Part 2!)

In last week’s Field Notes, we presented the preparatory steps for beluga matching. This week, discover how the team adds pages to the life chapters of individually-known belugas. Beluga 201801102 is nearly ready to be paired. There is one last preparatory step: creation of the “SoftMatch” by senior technician, Bleuvet captain and IT expert Michel... Learn more

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23 April 2019

With the Belugas: «It’s a Match!» or The Fascinating Work Behind Beluga Pairing

One of the pillars of the research conducted at the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM) is photo-identification. For over 30 years, GREMM has been collecting valuable photos to track the stories of individual belugas, as well as the history of the St. Lawrence population at large. Photo-identification goes well beyond simply recognizing... Learn more

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