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Their story is that of The St. Lawrence,
and their future is our future, too.


9 October 2018

Protecting species at risk: “Ottawa not doing enough,” says Environment Commissioner

Delays in the development of action plans, lack of resources, lack of support to partner organizations, neglect that has likely aggravated the situation of endangered species: these are the critical findings issued by the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Parliament of Canada, Julie Gelfand. In a scathing report submitted on October... Learn more

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3 October 2018

With the Belugas… At Full Throttle!

Clear blue sky, low winds, calm sea… The perfect conditions for a productive day of photo-identification and photogrammetry. All we have to do is find some belugas. We thus head out to sea aboard the Bleuvet. It only takes a few minutes for a herd of belugas numbering about thirty individuals to appear around us,... Learn more

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25 September 2018

Do hybrids exist in cetaceans?

This year once again, the research team aboard the BpJAM saw the narwhal! He seems to have made his home in the St. Lawrence for the past three years. As the beluga’s closest kin, the narwhal is also a highly social species. The narwhal in the St. Lawrence can thus be observed hanging around a... Learn more

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