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9 July 2019

Female Beluga DL0584 Dies while Giving Birth

An eighth beluga carcass washed up on the banks of the St. Lawrence River on July 4. The individual has been identified as DL0584, a female that had been known to researchers since 1990. The necropsy performed by Stéphane Lair and his veterinarian team is conclusive: DL0584 died during calving. “It was a case of... Learn more

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20 June 2019

Sanctuary for Retired Belugas: A World First

Two belugas left an aquarium in Shanghai, China, to fly to Iceland. The two whales are now becoming residents of the world’s first sanctuary for retired whales. The goal: to bring them back to an environment similar to that of their origin, without shows or tours to perform. Litla-Hvít (“Little White”) and Litla-Grá (“Little Grey”)... Learn more

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19 June 2019

With the Belugas… And Listening In!

By Mathieu Marzelière At last! GREMM’s 2019 field season is officially underway. This first week was devoted to Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s tagging project in which we are collaborating in the field. This initiative aims to better understand the acoustic life of belugas, their movements and behavioural responses during and after noise exposure and the... Learn more

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