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16 May 2018

Beluga, what are you doing under the water?

The lives of diving animals take place for the most part under water, out of human sight. Can we, by observing the behaviour of a group of belugas at the water surface, guess what is happening below the surface? Researchers studying belugas in the St. Lawrence Estuary have attempted to answer this question and have... Learn more

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Nouveau-né trouvé mort le 1er août 2017 à Grand-Métis dans le Bas-Saint-Laurent et récupéré pour une nécropsie © Réjean Côté, bénévole pour Urgences Mammifères Marins
13 April 2018

Belugas: First Carcass for 2018 and Recap of 2017

 On March 26, the first beluga carcass of 2018 was reported to 1-877-7baleine at Coin-du-Banc in the Gaspé Peninsula. The carcass was whole, but in a state of advanced decomposition, as is often the case when a carcass is found after the spring thaw. The animal was secured by volunteers to prevent it from being... Learn more

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18 December 2017

Does social hierarchy exist in belugas?

Most of the time, belugas are observed in groups of multiple individuals; rarely are they seen alone. Since they live in groups, a certain social organization reigns. Does this mean that there is a hierarchy amongst them? No in-depth studies have been conducted in this area, but some studies suggest that belugas display a certain... Learn more

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