Nakamu (1973-1991)


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Adopted by students of the faculté de droit de l’Université de Montréal

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    Before 1973 (death in 1991)

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Distinctive traits

Nakamu is easily recognized by his large scar on the back of his dorsal crest, which runs down both sides. The multiple notches in his crest are also a good way to identify him.

Life history

Observed only once in 1989, Nakamu was completely white. Nakamu was therefore born before 1973.

The lack of data on his habits and affiliations prevents us from identifying the area he frequents.

Nakamu was observed only once in 1989. On that occasion, he was accompanied by around forty belugas, both adults and juveniles. The individuals swam close together, circling and returning to the surface after a dive, their bodies covered in silt. This was the first year we’d observed this type of behavior. We’re still wondering whether it’s a sign of feeding on the muddy bottom, or whether it’s simply a way of scratching oneself, or even just for the pleasure of rolling around in the mud?

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Latest news

On the shore of the village of Les Boules, in the Lower St. Lawrence region, we discovered the carcass of Nakamu. Post-mortem examination confirmed that Nakamu was a male, measuring 3.87 metres. Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm his age.


Students of the faculté de droit de l’Université de Montréal adopted Nakamu (1990).