Agendas for Belugas

  • Trois tailles d'agenda présentant des baleines sur la page couverture sont alignés. Une découpe de béluga est en arrière-plan.
    W. Maxwell agendas lance une collection au profit des bélugas du Saint-Laurent. © Annie St-Amant
    16 / 04 / 2019 Par GREMM

    What could be better than an agenda featuring whales to place them at the heart of our day-to-day concerns? This is the idea behind the latest series by Montréal-based company W. Maxwell. The agenda features a number of the most iconic species of Canada’s oceans: a killer whale, a fin whale, a humpback, a beluga, and a North Atlantic right whale. A portion of the proceeds will go toward adopting beluga DL0988 under the Adopt a Belugacampaign. “We are troubled by the health of the St. Lawrence. We felt the need to take action to help the whales,” explains Serge Turgeon, president of W. Maxwell. “That’s why we chose to continue our commitment to the environment by adopting a beluga.”

    The collection uses paper sourced from sustainably certified forests and soy-based inks to reduce the use of petroleum-derived oils. Agendas are now available at bookstores, pharmacies and office supply stores.

    About DL0988

    Silvia Spampinato, deisgner of the collection, received the adoption certificate of DL0988 from Marie-Eve Muller, director of the adoption program. © Annie St-Amant

    It was the small spots on DL0988’s crest that caught the attention of W. Maxwell. These spots resemble the small strokes of a watercolour brush, just like the cover page of the agenda. Beluga DL0988 was born before 1990, meaning it is about 30 years old and will likely live another thirty years or so. This beluga has been known to the Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals (GREMM) team since 1994. By adopting a beluga, W. Maxwell is promoting scientific research focused on the conservation of these white whales. Together, by better understanding how belugas live, we will be able to better protect them.

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