For centuries, whales have sparked the imagination. This Friday, December 11, the film In the Heart of the Sea will once again shed light on the history of these great Leviathans that fascinated, frightened and fed the imagination of mankind.

AuCoeurDeLOcean-fr-300x402The new movie by American Ron Howard chronicles the story of the whaling ship Essex, which sank on November 20, 1820 after being attacked by an enormous sperm whale, leaving her crew stranded in the middle of the ocean for nearly 90 days in simple makeshift boats. It is said that In the Heart of the Sea is not the story of a conflict between beast and the crew of the Essex, but rather that of the men who were on board. Sailors who, as they navigated the seas in search of valuable whale oil, little by little find themselves losing their minds.

It was thanks to a survivor of the Essex shipwreck that writer Herman Melville took down the chilling testimony of this true story. Melville drew from these accounts to author his famous work, Moby Dick.

This widely-screened film has received its share of reviews; it has been hailed as an “extraordinary maritime saga” and “ultra-spectacular odyssey”. It is said to be a moving, stunning, exciting, larger-than-life film that “triggers strong emotions”.

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News - 18/12/2015

Josiane Cabana

Josiane Cabana served as Director for the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network call centre from 2011 to 2018. When she’s not responding to cases of dead or vulnerable marine mammals, she likes to take the time to educate local residents on the threats faced by these animals. Biologist by training, she has been involved with the GREMM for more than 15 years, and always with the same undying passion!

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