Author Hélène Jasmin recently compiled this biography (in French) about the famous filmmaker who passed away in 2013 and illustrious creator of The Mighty River and The Man Who Planted Trees. Published by LIDEC as part of its “Célébrités” series, the book recounts the life of this internationally renowned artist and great friend of St. Lawrence belugas and the GREMM.

A few of Frédéric Back’s beluga illustrations:

In 1988, with his colleagues from Radio-Canada, Frédéric Back adopted the male beluga Antarès.

A native of Ville Saint-Laurent, Hélène Jasmin is a journalist, documentalist, lecturer, researcher and vice president at La Belle Amérique. To learn more about Hélène Jasmin.

To learn more:

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News - 30/11/2015

Marie-Sophie Giroux

Marie-Sophie Giroux joined the GREMM in 2005 until 2018. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and a diploma in Environmental Consulting. As Lead Naturalist, she oversees and coordinates the team working at the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre and writes for Whales Online and Whale Portraits. She loves to share “whale stories” with visitors to the CIMM and readers alike.

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