(Cowboys Fringants and their fans )

- Cowboys Fringants and their fans
  • ID number : DL9037
  • Sex : Male
  • Year of birth : Around 2008
  • Know since : 2013

Its distinctive traits

Hector is easily recognizable thanks to two deep notches in his dorsal crest, which are visible from both sides.

Life history

It was in 2013 that we first encountered Hector, at which time he was rather small and dark gray in colour. Since then, he has already faded somewhat. Based on his size, he might have been born around 2008. Over time, his change in colour may help us to confirm his age. Belugas fade from gray to white between the ages of 12 and 16.

When we encountered Hector for just the second time, we took a skin sample amounting to just a few milligrams from his back. This biopsy allowed us to confirm his sex: Hector is a male. The DNA extracted from this sample still holds a few secrets about his genealogy, which will be revealed to us shortly!

To date, Hector has been observed in mixed herds and in herds of adults accompanied by young. When he reaches adulthood, we expect that he will join one of the large networks of bulls. Indeed, in summer, adult belugas exhibit a high degree of sexual segregation. Bulls and cows demonstrate clear preferences, as much in their social associations as in the sectors that they patronize. This behaviour is less pronounced in juveniles and young adults.

(Cowboys Fringants and their fans ) observations history

Latest news

  • JUNE 20, 2017

    At the mouth of the Saguenay, the Bleuvet makes its way through a light fog. We spot a herd of 15 individuals consisting of almost as many young as adults. Among the belugas is Hector, who is swimming slightly away from the others. It should be pointed out however that the herd is scattered, with the animals swimming alone or in pairs. All of a sudden we are forced to terminate the contact, as the wind has picked up, as have the waves. The winds have gone from 10 km/h to 20 km/h, and waves that were just 15 cm have now swelled to almost 1 metre!

    Update: 17 avril 2017


  • Cowboys Fringants and their fans

    The Cowboys Fringants and their fans adopted Hector (pending).

    Also a big thank you to all those who contributed to this adoption by mobile and cash donations during the show of the Cowboys Fringants at the Grand Théâtre de Québec on March 4th 2016!