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News Summary
Squelette de béluga au Collège Lionel-Groulx © Marjorie Berthelet
2016 / 09 / 29

Beluga Skeleton at Collège Lionel-Groulx

By Béatrice Riché / Actions / Beluga / Headline

There is a new permanent resident in the Nature Wing of the Collège Lionel-Groulx: a beluga skeleton...

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News from Afield

  • 2016 / 09 / 29 © Renaud Pintiaux

    News from Afield Map, September 21 to 28, 2016

    By Équipe BED / News from Afield / Observation of the week

    A tightly knit network of experienced observers who live according to the rhythm of the St. Lawrence throughout the year. On the waves or on shore, they scan the horizon with passion and patience...

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  • 2016 / 09 / 29 Globicéphale noir échoué vivant aux îles de la Madeleine © Luc Miousse

    What should be done if a cetacean is stranded alive?

    By Josiane Cabana / Marine Mammal Emergencies

    Although one's immediate intuition might be to want to help an animal in distress, returning a cetacean to the water is no trivial matter, and can sometimes cause more harm than good...

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News from Near and Afar

  • 2016 / 09 / 26 Rorqual à bosse © GREMM

    Nine Populations of Humpbacks Taken off Endangered Species List

    By Béatrice Riché / Issues

    NOAA announced the removal of nine out of fourteen humpback whale populations from the list of endangered species. However, according to some, the job isn't done. And what about the humpbacks of the S...

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  • 2016 / 09 / 06 © Josiane Cabana

    Safer Fishing Rope for Whales

    By Béatrice Riché / Actions

    The US government recently granted $180,000 to the New England Aquarium to design safer fishing gear for whales...

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Whale Q&A

  • 2016 / 09 / 22 © GREMM

    How is climate change affecting whales?

    By Olivia Capeillere / Questions from the public

    Several studies support the hypothesis that climate change will have negative impacts on whales. Three main impacts emerge from these publications. But some whales could benefit......

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  • 2016 / 08 / 13 © GREMM

    Do humpbacks form clans?

    By Camille Bégin-Marchand / Questions from the public

    Associations between individuals of the same species are well documented in toothed whales. Indeed, the formation of social "clans" has been studied most notably in sperm whales, killer whales and bel...

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