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News Summary
2017 / 06 / 21

Wanted: Three Dead Right Whales Drifting in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

By Josiane Cabana / Headline / Marine Mammal Emergencies

The scientific community is concerned: since June 6, three North Atlantic right whale carcases have been reported drifting in the Gulf of St. Lawrence between New Brunswick and the Magdalen Islands. T...

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News from Afield

  • 2017 / 06 / 16 Phoques communs © GregTheBusker

    Individual Identification Possible, but Far from Easy

    By Marie-Sophie Giroux / Observation of the week

    At the foot of the mountains rising above the Fjord, small groups of harbour seals lie on the rocks. They are observed in their typical "banana" position, in other words, with their head and their rea...

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  • 2017 / 06 / 09 Fous de Bassan sur l'île de Bonaventure © East News/Dipanka Sarma/Solent News

    Summer Frenzy in the Gulf

    By Marie-Sophie Giroux / Observation of the week

    From a vantage point on Bonaventure Island off the Gaspé Peninsula, a park warden spots two humpback whales on June 7. One of them is small. "A calf," he assumes. The day before, the female humpback ...

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News from Near and Afar

  • 2017 / 06 / 21

    Making of Film Of Whales, the Moon and Men Designated Historic Event

    By Marie-Ève Muller / Beluga / News from Near and Afar

    The making of the film Of Whales, the Moon and Men (1962) by Pierre Perrault, Michel Brault and Marcel Carrière was designated an “historic event” by the Government of Quebec earlier this...

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  • 2017 / 06 / 14

    Banned Flame Retardants Still Present in St. Lawrence Belugas

    By Béatrice Riché / Beluga / Discoveries / Issues

    Despite the measures that have been put into place in Canada since 2006 to reduce the concentrations of certain flame retardants (polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs) in the environment, these co...

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Whale Q&A

  • 2017 / 06 / 06

    What was learned from the exceptional red tide of August 2008?

    By Marie-Ève Muller / Scientists take the floor

    In an interview with Whales Online, phytoplankton ecology researcher Michel Starr from Fisheries and Oceans Canada answers the following question: What was learned from the exceptional red tide (artic...

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  • 2017 / 05 / 23

    What is a “water column”?

    By Marie-Ève Muller / Questions from the public

    In a number of Whales Online articles, the term “water column” is used. What does this refer to? From the shoreline, water can sometimes appear to be a uniform mass. However, water separat...

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