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News Summary
Jeune phoque du Groenland sur la glace / Young harp seal on the ice © Yeimaya
2017 / 01 / 20

Is it normal to see seals on the ice?

By Josiane Cabana / Headline / Marine Mammal Emergencies

Calls made to 1-877-7baleine since the end of last year were mostly from witnesses who observed seals lying on the ice off of Matane, Sainte-Flavie and even in Verdun (near Montréal). If the animal a...

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News from Afield

  • 2017 / 01 / 18

    Four-legged Underwater Hunters

    By Marie-Sophie Giroux / Observation of the week

    Harp seals, gray seals and harbour seals; what are all these seals doing in the Estuary in the middle of winter? Harbour seals live here year-round while the other two species are visitors that come m...

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  • 2017 / 01 / 12

    “Surfing” amidst the Pack Ice

    By Marie-Sophie Giroux / Observation of the week

    Surprisingly, there are a handful of enthusiasts who continue to practise this sport even in the middle of winter in Sainte-Flavie, amongst the ice floes. And these surfing "die-hards" are not the onl...

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News from Near and Afar

  • 2017 / 01 / 13

    A Recovery Plan for Alaskan Belugas

    By Béatrice Riché / Actions / Beluga

    In these early days of 2017, the US government released its Cook Inlet Beluga Whale Recovery Plan, a population listed as endangered. Factors that have prevented this population from recovering over t...

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  • 2017 / 01 / 11 Béluga nouveau-né échoué vivant à Rivière-du-Loup © GREMM

    Baby beluga in the limelight in 2016

    By Béatrice Riché / Beluga / Issues

    Reported on Radio-Canada's website by journalist Ariane Perron-Langlois, the story of the live newborn beluga found beached was one of the top 10 most read articles in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region in ...

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Whale Q&A

  • 2017 / 01 / 11 Baleine à fanons

    How did baleen appear?

    By Marie-Sophie Giroux / Questions from the public

    A recently discovered whale fossil has proven to be an important piece of the puzzle with regard to whale evolution. ...

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  • 2016 / 12 / 22 Narval observé le 29 juillet 2016 près de Trois-Pistoles © GREMM

    If belugas and narwhals cohabit the Arctic, is it possible that these whales once swam side by side in the Champlain Sea?

    By Marie-Sophie Giroux / Questions from the public

    Being that they frequent the same territory, narwhals do occasionally come into contact with belugas in the Arctic, without necessarily mingling....

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