Whales of the St. Lawrence

The St. Lawrence Estuary and the Gulf of St. Lawrence: a genuine open-air buffet for whales! A dozen or so species frequent the region between spring and fall. Only one resides here year round: the beluga. Beyond the myths and the legends, our latest knowledge of whales reveals truly fascinating creatures. By better understanding their way of life, their needs and their habitats, we can better protect them.

  • Life and evolution

    Sea monsters? Giant fish? Whales are mammals, perfectly adapted to the requirements of their marine environment, which they have learned to exploit to their advantage.  ...

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  • The St. Lawrence of the Whales

    The Atlantic Ocean: approximately 4,830 km wide and 4,000 m deep. An immense playground for whales. However, every spring, thousands of them turn their backs on this habitat to en...

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  • The 13 species of the St. Lawrence

    What diversity!: one of the smallest cetaceans rubs fins with the largest of the giants, an arctic species has found refuge here, some are plentiful while others are threatened....

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  • Whale Portraits

    Every whale is unique! Check out portraits here of several well known animals that frequent the waters of the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park. These portraits are taken from the ...

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