Eco-Whale Alliance

The Eco-Whale Alliance was created in 2011 to encourage environmentally responsible whale-watching in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park. The objective is to continually improve offshore whale-watching practices so that they represent a model of sustainability. The Alliance comprises the GREMM, whale-watching companies as well as Parks Canada and the SÉPAQ, co-managers of the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park.

The objectives of the the Eco-Whale Alliance are:

  • The objectives of the the Eco-Whale Alliance are:
  • To limit the impacts of offshore whale-watching activities;
  • To ensure resource monitoring and the effectiveness of management measures;
  • To adopt environmentally, socially and economically responsible practices;
  • To work in a spirit of cooperation by bringing together stakeholders from the tourism, research and conservation sectors.

In 2011, the Alliance released the Guide for Eco-Responsible Practices for Captains/Naturalists. This is a tool developed for captains to promote the adoption of exemplary behaviour on the water. The guide also includes a chart that describes the eco-responsible duties of captains in 10 points. The Guide is complementary to applicable laws and regulations.

The Alliance also created the Eco-Whale Fund for whale research and education in the Marine Park. This support fund aims to maintain long-term efforts and encourage new projects.

Learn more on the Eco-Whale Alliance website