Where are the whales this week?

A tightly knit network of experienced observers who live according to the rhythm of the St. Lawrence throughout the year. On the waves or on shore, they scan the horizon with passion and patience, watching for the slightest spout. It is thanks to their sharp eyes and living words that we are able to write News from Afield week in and week out. A big thank you to all of our precious collaborators!

The season of the map is now over! You can read the Observations of the week chronicle on the main page. Thank you!

Click on the whale or the seal icon to find out more about the corresponding observation (specie, number of individuals, info, pictures). To enlarge the map, click on the top right corner icon. 

To see the list of the observations, click on the top left corner. 

This map represents an order of magnitude rather than a comprehensive survey.

Legend for the whales

Light grey: Beluga
Dark grey: Fin Whale
Black: Minke Whale
Light blue: Humpback Whale
Dark blue: Blue Whale
Violet: Right Whale

Red: Narwhal

Yellow: Killer Whale

Legend for the dolphins

Brown: Harbour Porpoise
Light grey: White-sided Dolphins

Legend for the seals

Grey: Grey Seal
Brown: Harp Seal
Kaki: Harbour Seal

Legend for the sharks

Light grey: Basking Shark

Legend for the turtles

Dark blue: Leatherback Sea Turtle

Observations from previous week

Full Breach!, September 19 to 23

Whale-“listening”, September 8 to 18

September Blues, September 1 to 07

Gannets Galore!, August 25 to 31

Sperm Whale in Sight, August 18 to 24

Great Week for Observations, August 11 to 17

A Head, a Tail, a Body Out of the Water!, August 4 to 10

Little Bundles of Life, July 28 to August 3

Navigating through the Fog, July 21 to 28

Identifying Humpbacks X and Zip, July 7 to 13

Where There Is Prey, There Are Whales!, June 30 to July 6

We wouldn’t want to be a capelin…, June 23 to 29

Gaspésie Invaded by “Jubartes” or “Megaptera”, June 16 to 22


Etched in Our Memories, October 1 to 7

Big Loafers and Sea Torpedoes, September 24 to 30

Up Close or From Afar, September 17 to 23

Movement of Prey Conditions That of Whales, September 10 to 16

Movement in the St. Lawrence, September 3 to 9

In Groups or Alone?, August 27 to September 2

Detective for a Day, August 20 to 26

A Week of Questions and Surprises!, July 26 to August 3

Familiar Whales, Satisfied Observers, July 19 to 26

Intriguing Observations, July 12 to 19

Searching for Whales to Research, July 5 to 12

Diversity of Species and Behaviours to Discover, June 28 to July 5

A Breath of Fresh Air in Gaspésie, June 21 to 28

Minke Whales and Winter Seals in the Middle of Summer, June 14 to 21

Individual Identification Possible, but Far from Easy, June 8 to 14

Summer Frenzy in the Gulf, June 1 to 8