Portneuf-sur-Mer – Banc de sable-Coup de cœur de la Route des Baleines

The Portneuf sand bar looks like it came straight out of the prettiest of the Caribbean islands! At 4.5 kilometres long, you’ll find all the space and serenity you’re looking for. Lounging on the sand, binoculars in hand, you’ll surely be able to spot the blows of the large rorquals that seem to be fond of this spot. Gray seals and harbour seals are also present, not to mention numerous species of seabirds and raptors that patrol the beaches. A little piece of paradise for the well-informed observer.

Banc de sable

  • Sand bar

What they’re saying: “This place feels like Treasure Island! A real gem, which Portneuf-sur-Mer residents are keen on protecting.”

Getting there: Route 138 East. Access from the village of Portneuf-sur-Mer, approximately 900 metres after the lookout on Route 138. Take a short trail for about 100 metres and you will reach the sand bar.

Portneuf-sur-Mer – Mériscope

Perched atop a mountain summit, this site offers breathtaking panoramas. From up here, you can see the mouth of the Portneuf River, the marina, the sand bar and especially the Estuary in all its splendour. If your eyes are still craving more, you might be able to see with your binoculars or spotting scope the spouts and perhaps even the backs of large rorquals. A site for those who aren’t afraid of grandeur!

Le Mériscope

  • Mériscope

What they’re saying: “Going up 200 steps is exhausting, but my God! It’s so worth it! The view from above is as striking as it is indescribable. The sea stretches as far as the eye can see, and to think that the biggest animals on the planet are roaming down there…”

Getting there: Route 138 East. After passing through the village of Portneuf-sur-Mer, turn right immediately after the bridge. The site is accessible via the large set of steps from Pointe des Fortin, east of the marina and at the end of the road.